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Incrediball: The Seven Sapphires

By admin at Mon, 2006-07-10 22:41 | BreakOut Style | Action Games

Incrediball: The Seven SapphiresCan you unravel the secret of the Seven Sapphires?

You are in command of a special ship that uses its broad, curving sail to deflect balls made of a strange compound called Israelium, the only thing that can destroy the mysterious constructs that have been appearing around the world.

Travel through 7 stunning locations, breaking apart these constructs and collecting treasures along the way!

Stay focused and alert as you break bricks, wield special weapons, and try to solve the mystery!

Incrediball: The Seven Sapphires Screenshot 1 Incrediball: The Seven Sapphires Screenshot 2 Incrediball: The Seven Sapphires Screenshot 3 Incrediball: The Seven Sapphires Screenshot 4

System Requirements
OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me
Memory: 128 MB
DirectX: 8.1 or higher
CPU: P 400
Video: 3D video card min. 32MB RAM
Network: Internet Explorer 5.0+

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