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Shoot 'Em Ups


Global Defense Network

By admin at Wed, 2005-01-26 09:27 | Shoot 'Em Ups | Action Games

Global Defense NetworkA combination of a fast paced shooter and rhythm action game superbly synchronized in a Sci-Fi plot.



By admin at Tue, 2005-01-25 09:27 | Shoot 'Em Ups | Action Games

AstroAvengerLooking for a space shooter that will surprise you?
AstroAvenger allows you to buy new types of weapons, ammo, armor and batteries as you advance from one level to another.


Dr. Blob's Organism

By admin at Tue, 2005-01-11 09:27 | Shoot 'Em Ups | Action Games

Dr. Blob's OrganismDr.
Blob's Organism is a lightning-fast shooter game where players blast feisty one-celled organisms as they try to escape from a petri dish.


Naval Strike

By admin at Mon, 2004-12-06 09:27 | Shoot 'Em Ups | Action Games

Naval StrikeDestroy the enemy transports with aircraft armed with rapid-fire machine-guns and anti-ship torpedo missiles.
Prepare yourself for the battle!


Alien Shooter

By admin at Tue, 2004-10-26 09:23 | Shoot 'Em Ups | Action Games

Alien ShooterThe alien invasion has begun.
Your mission: Stop blood-thirsty creatures with the most advanced guns, explosives, and weaponry money can buy.


Gunner 2

By admin at Tue, 2004-10-19 09:25 | Shoot 'Em Ups | Action Games

Gunner 2This new PC war game has well known rules: "Shoot 'em all to win!
" Enemies are trying to invade!
Pull out the heavy artillery and shoot, shoot and shoot some more!

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Dark Archon

By admin at Wed, 2004-10-06 09:23 | Shoot 'Em Ups | Action Games

Dark ArchonPlay as one of four races in an immersive fast-paced overhead space shooter with unique level plots, and an interwoven storyline.

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By admin at Wed, 2004-07-14 09:23 | Shoot 'Em Ups | Action Games

PlatypusPlatyus is a side scrolling shooter with amazingly unique visuals!
All of its graphics were created with hand-molded clay!

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Air Strike 2

By admin at Fri, 2004-05-14 09:09 | Shoot 'Em Ups | Action Games

Air Strike 2Rough, cruel and intense helicopter 3D action game that makes you fly and fight over desert, water and industrial areas.
If you pass it, tell us how you did it.


Alien Sky

By admin at Mon, 2004-03-08 09:09 | Shoot 'Em Ups | Action Games

Alien SkyTake a raid into alien force positions.
You'll encounter lots of different ships, upgrade your weaponry and defeat powerful bosses.

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